January 05, 2015

Musings - It's all passing away (VIDEO)

While recording the video I got off topic a bit and talked about scientific theory.  I didn't mean to sound condescending.  The definition of Scientific Theory is:
  1. scientific theory is a series of statements about the causal elements for observed phenomena. A critical component of a scientific theory is that it provides explanations and predictions that can be tested.
I received feedback indicating that I sounded condescending - please note I simply wished to express that if you don't believe in Scientific Theory (see above), we likely can't have a very fruitful dialogue about many of the topics I touch on.

Additionally I summarized the interpretation of Sin and it's affect on the human experience from a theological point of view - I gave a quick and somewhat flippant overview.  I will address this in another blog from a more objective discussion.

That's the problem of going off script..........

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