April 24, 2013

Spring Time Memories


Oh I simply cannot wait for the full heat of summer to bear her warmth on my shoulders!  The exquisite feeling of a wet glass beneath my fingers from summer's humidity, the rustling of leaves in summer's warm winds.  Winter, well she's been a friend of mine since I was a child, growing up in Steamboat.  There our winters often started the beginning of October (first snows were usually in September) and lasted until the middle of June.  I remember spring in the valley, I would tramp out amongst the fading snows, receding banks, black with dirt, pulling away from the ground like a shadow in the sun.  And there, peeking out from banks on the rolling valley hills little yellow flowers, avalanche lilies (Erythronium Grandiflorum).  I would eat the flowers, they were slightly sweet and a little bitter.  Those little glimpses of color on the snow covered ground were the sign in the valley that finally our world tilted its face back towards the sun.
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