March 08, 2013

Winter Kingdoms Melt Away

It was in the silent scream of snow
i realized
i was destined to build my kingdom
from the lonely coldness
warm enough to freeze
i surrounded the bland world of ice
with the color in my eyes
there i danced with the lords and ladies of that solstice
and saw i was destined
to be alone
in the glaciered world surrounding me
but be the master of color in mind
i was a king amongst kingdoms that do soften
a lord amongst none
but who are seen in my color alone
my world was frozen
and soon it relented
there in the spring
i was left holding
the dripping, wet remnants of my kingdom
destined again to be alone
yes, in the warmth of that dreaded spring time
i can turn, see past the color inside my own eyes
and find in the empty whites
of the globes of color
resting in my tired sockets
i am destined to be alone again
away from the world of that vernal equinox
to find the silent scream
to be warm enough
again to freeze

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