March 26, 2013

Insanity of Love

I cannot part it with my fingers.

I cannot say it with my tongue.

I cannot fully see it with my eyes.

It sounds like music on my ears but I cannot hear.

It fills my nostrils like a sweet nectar but I cannot smell it.
The more I am aware of it,
the further it seems to be.

I am insane,
but feel more sane than I ever have before.

I spin and twirl,
I toss and turn,
I am dizzy and lost,
but am walking firm of foot and directed.

I double over in pain,
or is is ecstasy?

Then, suddenly -
It becomes clear.

Your soft cheek beneath my fingers.
Your gentle kiss tasted on my tongue.
The glance behind your mirrored eyes.

The whisper

of a


from your lips,
Your smell,
Sweeter than any rose.
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